Johnny D-Bag

The pinnacle of modern fashion.

The pinnacle of modern fashion.

Crown Prince of your city’s hippest nightlife establishment, Johnny lives for adventure. While he is most commonly found savoring a Vodka Redbull in the VIP section, he occasionally ventures outside of his dwelling to down a $10 Patron shot at the bar next to the dance floor. Don’t blink though or he’ll be gone. All the hottest babes are in VIP.

Johnny enjoys the finer things in life, such as travel and cutting edge European music. The evening commute from his parents’ home in the suburbs to his favorite downtown nightspot provides him with an ample amount of each. And when Johnny slips on his D&G sunglasses, adjusts his wide leather bracelet, and tosses the keys to his father’s Mercedes-Benz to the lowly valet attendant, all the ladies are in awe of his royal doucheness.

Despite knowing these clues, it may be difficult to spot Johnny as one can easily be blinded by the strobe light reflecting off his trendy Affliction t-shirt or the large cross around his neck. It should be noted, however, that the only religion Johnny knows is written in the brand of his jeans that cost upwards of $200. You may occasionally see his spiky hair poking above a red velvet couch, or catch a glimpse of his mother’s name inked on his arm, revealing the soft side he so desperately tries to hide behind a tanned, chiseled façade. Flash him a sideways peace sign and you’ll instantly be friends.


Last seen: Clenching a bottle of Grey Goose and pouting his lips for the camera.


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